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23 mars 2012 5 23 /03 /mars /2012 16:43

Comment décrire les graphiques et les tableaux? How to describe charts and tables?


Dans l’épreuve orale d’anglais au BTS, vous serez confrontés à des documents inconnus. Si vous découvrez un graphique ou un tableau, n’oubliez pas de donner clairement le sujet, les lieux et les dates, les durées et de décrire les changements et évolutions. Il est probable que vous deviez également comparer et prévoir les changements futurs.


Voici une liste de vocabulaire qui peut vous aider :

Charts and tables :

Table: tableau

Bar chart: histogramme

Pie chart: camembert

Line graph: courbe

Chart: graphique

Diagram: diagramme


To begin:

This chart shows…

According to this chart, …

We can see from this graph that…


Time span:

From 2001 to 2003…

Over a period of two years, …

Since 2004…


Upward changes:

There has been a 10% rise in…

There was an increase of 20% in 2006

… has grown up/rose by 15% a year

… peaked in 1999

… have risen a little = slightly


Downward changes:

There was a decrease in…

There was a 10% fall

… reached in lower point in January 2009

… have been dropping slowly but steadily


No change:

… have remained stable = steady = constant

… stayed the same

There has been no change in …



If present trends continue, it could increase by 10%

It should improve soon

It is expected to rise by the end of the year

A drastic change is bound to occur soon



Et pour s'entrainer, voici un exemple de la construction d’un commentaire:

The graph below illustrates and compares the different prices of a flat and a house in euro prices in various European capitals, shown in alphabetical order, from Berlin (Germany) to Vienna (Austria). We can see that the flat price ranges from €x in Berlin to €x in London. The city where housing is the most expensive is Paris (France), whereas it is the cheapest in Berlin (Germany). The differences are not very big, the cost of living seems to be lower in Berlin than in Vienna. It could be interesting to compare these datas with … The question is… If present trends continue, it could...


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