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12 juillet 2012 4 12 /07 /juillet /2012 17:20

Here is a video used in 2011 -subject #4- Marseille



and here is the transcript (cnn.com rush transcript)

CHETRY: Stashed in an electrician's garage, maybe the most extraordinary art find ever. 271 previously unknown Picassos from his most creative period said to be worth $80 million and hidden for four decades.

ROBERTS: Now, a man claims that they were gifts over time from Picasso himself. The man was doing some work for Picasso, but Picasso's family isn't so sure about all that. Our Zain Verjee is live for us in London this morning. So, Zane, this fellow is claiming he was electrician. He did work some for Picasso. Picasso said, here, let me do a little piece of art for you. There you go. That's payment. But the family saying, not so fast.

ZAIN VERJEE, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, the family's saying, hold on a minute. You know, Picasso did give gifts. He was known for that, but whenever he did that, they would be dedicated, they would be signed, they would be dated at least. And on top of it, they say he wasn't going to give away 271 pieces of great art. Things like notebooks, sketches, portraits, water colors, but they say that that was the case, so they had it stashed in their trunk in a garage at their home on the French Riviera.

So, what they decided to do is let's go get it authenticated by Picasso's estate, and when they went to do this, they were slapped with an accusation of stealing and a lawsuit. So, the situation is pretty controversial right now. What the French authorities have done, John and Kiran, is that they've taken all the Picassos, and they've stashed them for safety in a vault somewhere on the outskirts of Paris.

So, it's pretty amazing that we know that there are 271 extra Picassos, and they worth more than $80 million. Pretty lucky for them, but raising huge controversy and headlines around here.

CHETRY: That's interesting. So, they're not questioning the authenticity of the Picassos? His estate says, yes, these are, you know, Pablo Picasso's works, but they question how they got them?

VERJEE: Right. Exactly. They're saying this is definitely authentically Picasso, but how on earth do you have 271 of them in your garage? A lot of people are saying, well, you know, if you have got them honestly, why are you only coming forward with this now? Why were they sitting in your garage collecting dust in a trunk for 40 years or so?

And what both the electrician and his wife are saying is, you know, we're getting old in life and we want to come forward with the fact that we have these Picassos because we don't want our kids to have any problems, and we want to give it to them. And they also say that they don't actually want to sell it, they want to hold on to it.

ROBERTS: That's interesting. I wonder how they're going to prove that these were actually gifts and that he didn't kind of nick them when he was there working around the workshop.

VERJEE: He said/she said, that's basically what was going to probably end up in a lot of litigation.

ROBERTS: An $80 million he said/she said. Zain Verjee for us this morning. Great to see you, Zain. Thanks so much.

VERJEE: You too.

ROBERTS: Let's get a quick check of this morning's weather headlines. Jacqui Jeras in the Extreme Weather Center. You got any Picassos or Monet or anything light around the house?

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