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1 juillet 2017 6 01 /07 /juillet /2017 10:36

Vous trouverez ci dessous des liens vers des annales de BTS tertiaires en anglais. Il est important de bien lire les consignes avant de commencer. Bon courage!




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28 mars 2014 5 28 /03 /mars /2014 06:35
Lycée Jean Monnet C.Coucoulle Nempont bts NRC Texte 2 
November 9, 2012 
How Zara Grew Into the World’s Largest Fashion Retailer 
Today, even as Spain teeters on the edge of economic catastrophe, the Galician 
city La Coruña has attracted notice as the hometown of Amancio Ortega Gaona, 
the world’s third-richest man and the founder of a wildly successful fashion 
company, Inditex, more commonly known by its oldest and biggest brand, Zara. 
The company’s outward modesty reflects its surroundings. La Coruña is a quiet 
place.It’s an odd location for an aggressive, global company like Inditex. 
The campus consists of corporate headquarters for the entire company, as well 
as headquarters for Zara and Zara Home, two of Inditex’s eight brands. There 
are also factories and a distribution center where clothes are loaded onto trucks 
to be sent around the world. 
Inditex is a pioneer among “fast fashion” companies, which essentially imitate the 
latest fashions and speed their cheaper versions into stores. Every one of 
Inditex’s brands — Zara, Zara Home, Bershka, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, 
Stradivarius, Pull & Bear and Uterqüe — follow the Zara template: trendy and 
decently made but inexpensive products sold in beautiful, high-end-looking 
stores. Zara’s prices are similar to those of the Gap: coats for $200, sweaters for 
$70, T-shirts for $30. 
Inditex now makes 840 million garments a year and has around 5,900 stores in 
85 countries, though that number is always changing because Inditex has in 
recent years opened more than a store a day, or about 500 stores a year. Right 
now there are around 4,400 stores in Europe, and almost 2,000 in Spain alone. 
Inditex’s main rivals are way behind. Arcadia Group, which owns Topshop, 
among others, has about 3,000 stores worldwide; H&M, based in Sweden, has 
2,500 (when you include its smaller lines of stores); and Mango, based in Spain, 
Merchandise moves incredibly quickly, even by fast-fashion standards. All those 
thousands of Inditex stores receive deliveries of new clothes twice a week Inditex 
has completely changed consumer behavior.“When you went to Gucci or Chanel 
in October, you knew the chances were good that clothes would still be there in 
February,” he says. “With Zara, you know that if you don’t buy it, right then and 
there, within 11 days the entire stock will change. You buy it now or never. And 
because the prices are so low, you buy it now.
28 November 2012 
Cycle and walking 'must be norm' for short journeys 
By Nick Triggle 
Health correspondent, BBC News 
Cycling and walking should be the norm for all short journeys, experts say. 
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence said people should shun their 
cars if a trip could be done in 15 or 20 minutes on foot or bike. 
It said the approach was needed to combat the "silent epidemic" of inactivity posing a 
risk to the health of people in England. 
It said their new responsibility for public health, which the NHS will hand over next year 
under the government's reform programme, offered a "unique opportunity" to make a 
The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) said councils should 
look to introduce bicycle-hire schemes, car-free events and better cycle-route signalling 
and maps. 
Walking routes should also be better highlighted, with signposts indicating the distance 
and time it takes to walk to local destinations. 
Schools and workplaces should also be encouraged to get more pupils and staff cycling 
and walking. 
NICE has previously given its backing to 20mph speed limits in certain areas. 
The group said local authorities needed to take action, as the levels of inactivity were 
costing lives. 
A recent report in the Lancet said inactivity was now causing as many deaths as 
Latest figures suggest six in 10 men and seven in 10 women are not doing the 
recommended levels of physical activity. 
The figures are little better for children. 
In particular, levels of cycling and walking are falling - with England lagging well behind 
other European countries, such as the Netherlands and Denmark. Only 11 minutes a 
day on average is spent cycling or walking. 
"It's not necessarily about spending more money on transport, but investing existing 
money in our health by rethinking the way in which budgets are being spent." 
Student Debt Surpasses Credit-Card 
2 Debt 
3 By Josh SanburnDec. 04, 2012 
6 For years, student debt has been on the rise as the cost 
7 of college gets more and more expensive, and 
8 tightening budgets mean financial-aid packages are 
9 tipping more people toward loans and away from 
10 grants. But according to the Federal Reserve, 
11 Americans now owe more student debt than credit-
12 card debt. Not only that, but total student debt hit the 
13 $1 trillion mark for the first time. The Great Recession 
14 is one cause, as it pulled Americans from a weak labor 
15 market back into college or graduate school. It’s no 
16 wonder that the debate over whether a college degree 
17 is worthwhile has raged on. Getting a degree still puts 
18 graduates on a path to earn much more than high-
19 school grads, but endless tuition hikes have called into 
20 question the very value of a degree. More than ever, 
21 anti-college advocates are pushing the idea of 
22 skipping higher education altogether for more-
23 entrepreneurial pursuits. Unfortunately, for those still 
24 choosing college, skyrocketing tuition doesn’t appear 
25 to be waning, and neither does employers’ emphasis 
26 on degrees. 
28 Read more: http://business.time.com/2012/12/04/top-10-
29 business-lists/slide/student-debt-surpasses-credit-card-
30 debt/#ixzz2FOxCWWcS 
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25 juillet 2013 4 25 /07 /juillet /2013 16:20

Certains sont en vacances, d'autres ont déjà repris les cours... Vous préparez le BTS NRC, voici quelques liens qui pourraient vous intéresser:

un article récap publié sur le blog btsanglais 

une série d'exercices faciles pour réviser le vocabulaire de la vente et du commerce

des Révisions de vocabulaire, de grammaire, des mots de liaison, des temps du passé

un dictionnaire en ligne wordreference.com


et quelques images à décrire:

numérisation bts pub creative0007

numérisation bts pub creative0008

numérisation bts pub creative0010

numérisation pub clio0001

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10 mai 2013 5 10 /05 /mai /2013 07:53
Marcia Boardman: Hi Sarah! I'm Marcia Boardman -- we spoke on the phone...

Sarah: Oh yes, I remember -- I was having a bad day!

Marcia Boardman: ...and this is Philip Hart, our CEO.

Philip Hart: Hello!

Sarah: Hello, it's very nice to meet you both. 

Philip Hart: It says on your CV that you do voluntary work...

Sarah: Well, when I have time, yes! I do work at a centre for children with difficulties, yes...

Philip Hart: That must be very interesting...

Sarah: It's rewarding and challenging.

Marcia Boardman: Sarah, can you tell us a little bit about your current position?

Sarah: I'm assistant sales director for a chain of language schools.

Philip Hart: So this post would be quite a change then...

Sarah: I don't think so honestly because the skills are the same, despite the product.

Marcia Boardman: Why are you thinking of moving on?

Sarah: Well I've come as far as I can in my current position, I feel and I'm 28 now and would love to take on some more responsibility.

Marcia Boardman: Ok, let's move on to managing people. Can you give us an example of when you had to deal with a particularly difficult managee?

Sarah: Well, yes, I had two people working for me who didn't get along at all -- they had no shared values, different temperaments -- and they used to argue a lot, it looked like it was impossible for them to work together. So, I sat down with them, and we talked about their differences and their problems and after that, things went much more smoothly!

Philip Hart: How would you deal with a rapidly changing and uncertain global market?

Sarah: Ok, that's actually something I wanted to talk about in my presentation...but I'd say to stay flexible and to diversify markets and sales strategies.

Marcia Boardman: It says on your CV you speak French and Spanish.

Sarah: Yes, I do. I lived in both France and Spain for a while.

Philip Hart: Any plans to learn other languages?

Sarah: I'd love to try!

Marcia Boardman: Ok, can you tell us about a time you closed a particularly challenging deal?

Sarah: Well, the biggest contract I won - and the thing I'm most proud of professionally - was with a large university in India, to provide language training. The contract was full of technicalities and the client was very picky! -- But I still pulled it off.

Marcia Boardman: Ok -- do you have any questions for us?

Sarah: Yes - about your ethical policy and your carbon footprint...I was wondering whether you are planning to reduce your carbon footprint and whether all your products are ethically sourced?

Philip Hart: That's a very good question...and that's something we're moving towards at the moment...

Marcia Boardman: Ok, well, let's move on to the presentation...
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9 mai 2013 4 09 /05 /mai /2013 07:54

Lors de l'épreuve d'anglais du BTS NRC (mais aussi dans la vraie vie ) il se peut que vous deviez passer un entretien d'embauche en anglais.

Voici donc un post pour vous aider à vous préparer à cettte épreuve.

D'abord, travailler votre CV, réfléchissez à vos expériences professionnelles et recherchez le vocabulaire necesaire (dictionnaire en ligne wordreference recommandé). Pensez à votre personnalité, vos qualités et vos défauts, et cherchez également le vocabulaire necessaire.

Ensuite, si vous le pouvez, lisez attentivement l'annonce d'emploi, en repérant les informations importantes, recherchant le vocabulaire et les qualités ou compétences recherhcées par le recruteur.

Juste avant de passer, détendez-vous et recentrerez-vous. Respirez fort en ouvrant la porte et soyez sérieux et attentif aux réactions de votre recruteur.


Now, let's work!



Quelques vidéos pour vous aider:

What is your biggest weakness?

Why should we hire you?

What is your biggest achievement?

Tell me about yourself!


I am self-motivated and detailed oriented. I am a good trouble-shooter and a good team player.




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4 janvier 2013 5 04 /01 /janvier /2013 12:30
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29 octobre 2012 1 29 /10 /octobre /2012 09:31


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