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26 juillet 2017 3 26 /07 /juillet /2017 17:31

Pour vous entrainer à la compréhension orale, voici une vidéo de CNN sur le thme de l'environnement. Enjoy!



2016: The hottest year on record

CNN's John Sutter was in Shishmaref, Alaska, to explain how climate change has affected the world this year.


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18 juin 2013 2 18 /06 /juin /2013 07:42

Exercice d'entrainement à la compréhension orale au BTS (support vidéo)

Voici deux vidéos sur le même thème, regardez les 3 fois chacune sans faire d'interruption pendant la diffusion (conditions d'examen) et prenez des notes. Ensuite, organisez une comparaison entre les deux vidéos, expliquant ce que vous avez compris (et non pas ce que vous avez vu). N'oubliez pas une phrase d'introduction précisant la nature des documents, et une rapide phrase de conclusion pour cloturer cet exercice. Vous rédigerez en français (conditions d'examen)

Le niveau ici est inférieur au niveau de l'examen, et les sous-titrages de la seconde vidéos n'apparaitraient pas. C'est pourquoi c'est exercice est un bon entrainement pour prendre les bons reflexes en termes de prise de notes et de gestion du temps.

Pour voir les vidéos en français ou sous-titré français, rendez-vous sur le site d'air france.



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29 avril 2013 1 29 /04 /avril /2013 08:04

Voici une petite vidéo pour vous entrainer à la compréhension orale d'anglais

Shopping with Dr. Oz


Et si vous désirez faire un petit jeu sur le même thème:
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7 septembre 2012 5 07 /09 /septembre /2012 08:30

In fact it's not really a video but a useful BBC audio document with script!

You can listen to it once then watch it! It only lasts 6 minutes!

I advise you to write down the cell phone vocabulary too ;)



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29 août 2012 3 29 /08 /août /2012 08:00

video extract 1st July 2012

Australia has begun putting a price on pollution by charging companies for their carbon emissions.

The government says the carbon tax will promote a greener economy and help fight climate change.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has hailed the move. But critics say the law will stifle industry and increase the cost of living.



July 12, 2011 

What is the carbon tax?

At the centre of the government’s policy on climate change is pricing carbon. Many commentators and politicians have referred to this as a “carbon tax”. The idea is that polluters will pay per tonne of carbon they release into the atmosphere. This cost will initially be set at $23, and increase gradually until 2015, when we will shift to a trading scheme that will let the market set the cost. This is widely thought of as the most effective and least costly mechanism to reduce carbon output and reduce the level of climate change that is occurring. 

Right now, when you purchase a product that relies on carbon-intensive materials or manufacturing processes, the price you pay does not represent the cost incurred by the environment. The iron ore used to create the product could be sourced from the highest polluting mine in the world, the electricity used to power the manufacturing plant could be provided by the dirtiest coal mine in the world, and the trucks used to transport the product to its final destination in a supermarket could run on the dirtiest fuels in the world, and it would make no difference to the price. With a price on carbon, this equation would change. The amount of carbon pollution involved in producing a product would start to be factored into its final price. Products produced through dirty processes will become more expensive, thereby making it possible for other products produced through cleaner processes to compete on price.

Yes, that’s right. The price of certain goods that are reliant on carbon pollution for their production will go up. However, the majority of Australians will be compensated for this cost, and this cost will be relatively small for most items. Visit the household compensation calculator if you wish to find out where you stand once the price on carbon is introduced.

How will this drive a move towards a cleaner future you might wonder. Well, it’s not hard to see that if pollution-intensive processes make goods more expensive, companies will look to reduce their pollution footprint in order to lower their costs. That’s what businesses do – improve efficiency year on year. It’s one of the key drivers of growth. For this reason, it is actually not necessary for the consuming public to change their practices, although that would help drive you own costs down.


Cliquez ici pour obtenir une liste de vocabulaire sur l'environnement (babelcoach.net)


A special thanks to Carol who helped me to find this video ;)

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Published by btsanglais - dans video au BTS anglais
30 juillet 2012 1 30 /07 /juillet /2012 23:11
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16 juillet 2012 1 16 /07 /juillet /2012 23:07

Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work

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16 juillet 2012 1 16 /07 /juillet /2012 12:40

Here is a video used in 2011 during BTS video exam in Marseille



from http://www.innovationlab.eastman.com/Insights/ValeriePegon/DesigningforSustainability.aspx

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12 juillet 2012 4 12 /07 /juillet /2012 17:20

Here is a video used in 2011 -subject #4- Marseille



and here is the transcript (cnn.com rush transcript)

CHETRY: Stashed in an electrician's garage, maybe the most extraordinary art find ever. 271 previously unknown Picassos from his most creative period said to be worth $80 million and hidden for four decades.

ROBERTS: Now, a man claims that they were gifts over time from Picasso himself. The man was doing some work for Picasso, but Picasso's family isn't so sure about all that. Our Zain Verjee is live for us in London this morning. So, Zane, this fellow is claiming he was electrician. He did work some for Picasso. Picasso said, here, let me do a little piece of art for you. There you go. That's payment. But the family saying, not so fast.

ZAIN VERJEE, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes, the family's saying, hold on a minute. You know, Picasso did give gifts. He was known for that, but whenever he did that, they would be dedicated, they would be signed, they would be dated at least. And on top of it, they say he wasn't going to give away 271 pieces of great art. Things like notebooks, sketches, portraits, water colors, but they say that that was the case, so they had it stashed in their trunk in a garage at their home on the French Riviera.

So, what they decided to do is let's go get it authenticated by Picasso's estate, and when they went to do this, they were slapped with an accusation of stealing and a lawsuit. So, the situation is pretty controversial right now. What the French authorities have done, John and Kiran, is that they've taken all the Picassos, and they've stashed them for safety in a vault somewhere on the outskirts of Paris.

So, it's pretty amazing that we know that there are 271 extra Picassos, and they worth more than $80 million. Pretty lucky for them, but raising huge controversy and headlines around here.

CHETRY: That's interesting. So, they're not questioning the authenticity of the Picassos? His estate says, yes, these are, you know, Pablo Picasso's works, but they question how they got them?

VERJEE: Right. Exactly. They're saying this is definitely authentically Picasso, but how on earth do you have 271 of them in your garage? A lot of people are saying, well, you know, if you have got them honestly, why are you only coming forward with this now? Why were they sitting in your garage collecting dust in a trunk for 40 years or so?

And what both the electrician and his wife are saying is, you know, we're getting old in life and we want to come forward with the fact that we have these Picassos because we don't want our kids to have any problems, and we want to give it to them. And they also say that they don't actually want to sell it, they want to hold on to it.

ROBERTS: That's interesting. I wonder how they're going to prove that these were actually gifts and that he didn't kind of nick them when he was there working around the workshop.

VERJEE: He said/she said, that's basically what was going to probably end up in a lot of litigation.

ROBERTS: An $80 million he said/she said. Zain Verjee for us this morning. Great to see you, Zain. Thanks so much.

VERJEE: You too.

ROBERTS: Let's get a quick check of this morning's weather headlines. Jacqui Jeras in the Extreme Weather Center. You got any Picassos or Monet or anything light around the house?

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Published by btsanglais - dans video au BTS anglais
9 juillet 2012 1 09 /07 /juillet /2012 23:05
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Published by btsanglais - dans video au BTS anglais